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Line Editing

Unsure of the Flow and Readability of Your Work?

Do you feel like you always use the same transitions, phrases, and wording? Do your sentences lack variety of structure? Are you unsure if your sentences and paragraphs smoothly convey what you want them to? Consider line editing, which is concerned with how your words and sentences flow one to the next. Text is rewritten at the line level for elegance and artistic conciseness.


Every Piece of Writing the Public Sees Needs Copyediting!

You’ve invested so much time, effort, and energy into your manuscript. Don’t scrimp and forego copyediting. A good copyeditor makes your manuscript better by catching inconsistencies and errors that drive readers crazy. They also make or suggest changes to tighten your prose. Put the best version of your writing in front of the public … hire a copyeditor!

Editorial Proofreading*

Make Your Finished Book Shine

Mistakes can creep into your manuscript every time it is touched by you or your editor; neither of you is perfect. Let one last pair of eyes make your book as free from error as possible (though some will still exist). If you don’t feel you can invest in full copyediting, you should at least have your manuscript proofread.

For All Editing Services:

Correcting misspellings and typos

Fixing errors in grammar, punctuation, syntax, and usage

For general writing, I use The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, as my style guide, Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Edition, as my dictionary, and Garner’s Modern English Usage, 4th Edition, for usage. For medical writing, I use use the AMA Manual of Style, 10th Edition, as my style guide and Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition, for my dictionary.

Ensuring correct paragraph and section breaks

Correcting wrong word choice

Deleting words left in unintentionally during self-editing

Ensuring correct chapter sequencing

For Line Editing and Copyediting

Correcting imprecise words

Correcting faulty parallelism & dangling modifiers

Changing repetitious words and phrases

Flagging similarities in names and events

Eliminating wordiness that detracts from the prose

Editing to maintain the author's voice and vision

Querying anything confusing (either to me or your potential reader)

For fiction, fixing or pointing out minor issues with plot, timeline, setting, or character details

For nonfiction, fixing or pointing out minor structural and informational issues

… and for Line Editing

Line editing dissects your manuscript at the paragraph and sentence level, rewriting lines to improve the overall flow of the words.


… and for Copyediting

Copyediting puts a laser focus on the sentence and word levels of the manuscript, making both mechanical changes (grammar and punctuation) and changes needed for clarity, consistency, and coherence. 

… for Editorial Proofreading

Editorial proofreading not only corrects grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, it also looks at formatting.

Rewriting for clarity of meaning, flow, and readability

Revising narrative sentence structure with the goal of creating elegant, seamless prose

Revising dialogue, with the goal of creating clear, natural, but heightened expression

Rephrasing for artistic conciseness

Correcting ambiguous phrases or sentences (unless intentional)

Making simple changes for flow and transition

Pointing out or fixing issues with consistency, clarity, or coherence

Changing passive voice to the active voice if artistically appropriate

Pointing out or fixing ambiguous phrases, sentences, or passages

Ensuring consistency in the design of text and image elements

Removing extraneous spaces

Highlighting stacked hyphens

Flagging widows, orphans, and short lines in printer-ready PDFs

Correcting improperly formatted paragraphs and sections

Correcting or flagging other formatting errors

NOTE: Uncomfortable with any particular item above? Let me know! I am happy to adapt my editing style to suit your needs.

Key Distinctions

  • While both line editing and copyediting look at your writing from the sentence level, line editing focuses on the flow and readability of your words from a more “artistic” standpoint while copyediting makes sure that your writing clear, consistent, and correct.
  • Proofreading is meant to be the final evaluation of your writing before publication, correcting glaring grammar and punctuation errors and pointing out formatting issues. It is not true light or heavy editing (no smoothing of text or pointing out ambiguity); it’s about fixing outright errors in the prose of the existing writing and flagging format problems. 


For each service, you receive back a detailed style sheet, a marked-up version of your manuscript using Word’s Track Changes, and a clean copy with all changes accepted.

If you would like, I will take a final quick glance at the final eBook or print-ready PDF before publishing, and I will advise you if there are any formatting issues. 

The First 10K Edit

Need to polish the first part of your story for an agent or publisher? Want line editing or copyediting for your self-published book but are unsure if you need it or if it will be worth the expense?

Try my special package meant just for these cases. I will fully copyedit or line edit your first 10,000K words and give you feedback about your strengths and weakness that you can use for the rest of the manuscript. If you decide to go on to use my line editing or copyediting services, $150 of the money spent on the First 10K will be applied to the higher level of service.

 Questions, contact me below! Or, order now!



Line Editing

All fiction genres

All general nonfiction

Specialized nonfiction: Cookbooks, medical/health, and professional business

NOTE: Specialized nonfiction has a higher range of prices, starting at $0.03 per word.


Starting at $0.022 per word

Minimum $125


All fiction genres

All general nonfiction

Specialized nonfiction: Cookbooks, medical/health, and professional business

NOTE: Specialized nonfiction has a higher range of prices, starting at $0.025 per word.


Starting at $0.016 per word

Minimum $100

Editorial Proofreading*

All fiction genres

All nonfiction


Staring at $0.01 per word

Minimum $75

* NOTE: I use the term editorial proofreading to distinguish it from true proofreading, which I actually did back in the last millennium, where page proofs or galleys are compared to the original edited, pre-typeset version to make sure all revisions make it to the proof and no formatting errors exist.

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