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Frequently Asked

I've just finished my first draft. Am I ready for editing?

Congratulations! You may or not be ready for editing depending on what you’ve done. Have you edited your manuscript yourself? If not, check out my guides for self-editing either fiction or nonfiction. Have you gotten beta reader feedback?Typically, a book needs to be read by several beta readers and self-edited a few times before you’re ready for a professional editor.

I'm not quite sure about my draft. Which service can help?

It depends where your draft is in the development process. If you have a partial draft or a just-completed first draft, consider an alpha reading. If you’ve done a couple rounds of self-editing and had some beta reader analysis, consider manuscript evaluation. Read more about the differences in on the Reading services page.

You have so many services! Which do I need?

Yes, there are a lot of services available to help you with your book! I think that every book needs to be beta read and copyedited, but check out my comparison of author services to help you figure out which service(s) you need. Of course, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

What should I have done before beta reading? Before copyediting?

To get the most bang for your buck (and so your reader or editor doesn’t pull their hair out), make sure the manuscript is ready for the service you want! Check out my Are You Really Ready for Reading or Editing guide. If you really think you’re ready for editing, read through my Pre-Editing Checklist.

Which is better, line editing or copy editing?

Neither is inherently better. It depends on what you think the needs of your manuscript are. Do you think your writing needs line-by-line rewriting for flow, readability, and clarity? If so, line editing may be your better option. Concerned more about consistency and correctness? Copy editing may do the trick. Check out the Editing services page for more detailed distinctions.

Online Writing Resources

Self-Editing Fiction Guide

For fiction writers, I detail the steps to you should take to get that first (or subsequent) drafts shaped up.

Self-Editing Nonfiction Guide

For nonfiction writers, I line out what you should do to get that first draft (or subsequent drafts) ready for the next step.

Pre-Editing Checklist

Ready for professional editing? Take a look at this list to be sure!

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