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Book Reviews

FREE Book Reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, & Reading Fanatic Reviews

I love to read! If you would like me to review your book–all genres of fiction and all types of nonfiction–let me know!

I don't guarantee a review.

My free time is limited, so I cannot guarantee that I will review your book–but I will try! If you hope to have the review timed for a certain event (launch, relaunch, bargain days, etc.), please send your book to me well in advance of that.

I don't guarantee a POSITIVE review, only an HONEST one.

If I do review your book, I can promise an HONEST review. Please see my Amazon Reviewer page to see what my reviews look like or friend me on Goodreads.

I share my reviews widely.

I have a suite of fiction genre websites that I’m developing. As a great lover of books, I’ve started these sites to better connect enthusiastic readers with authors’ works.  While I won’t cover every type of fiction, I will post my review of your book on one of the appropriate sites as well as at Amazon, Goodreads, and possibly Bookbub. If your genre isn’t yet represented, I will post the review when/if a matching site goes online. My mystery/suspense/thriller/horror site is up. Romance and science fiction/fantasy to come!

Book Blurbs

Hate to Write Your Own Blurbs? Let Me Craft One for You!

While authors may enjoy writing their creations, they usually don’t enjoy writing the book blurb! Switching gears from writer to marketer isn’t easy. You know the importance of a well-written blurb. It is one of the deciding factors that a potential reader contemplates before clicking that all-important Buy button–along with an eye-catching cover and whet-the-appetite first 10% preview.

Let me craft that for you, using words that will pull them into your stories world so that they have to read to the bottom of the description … and then click Buy. 

I'll start with an opening that grabs their attention.

Next, I'll tease about you characters conflicts and stakes without giving it all away.

I'll end with a call to action, encouraging purchase.

I'll use HTML formatting to draw the reader's eye.

I'll research your competitors and figure out what's working ... and what isn't.

You'll receive a blurb to use in multiple venues.

I’ll send the blurb in HTML and plain text formats. Paste the HTML right into your book description at Amazon and other online bookstores. Use the plain text version for the back of your physical book, in publicity, and on your website.

Writing Services

Book Review

Have a book you’d like me to review? Let’s talk about it!

More Details

For fiction, I’m a huge fan of romance or any other genre with a strong romantic component. Other favorite genres include fantasy, paranormal, cozy mysteries, and thrillers. The only one I won’t consider is horror.

For nonfiction, I love how-tos of any type, and books about writing, technology, science, medicine, business, music, and crafts. I don’t like anything sports related, but I am open to just about anything else. I love nonfiction and don’t get to review enough of it!

I will review any book that interests me, though. If you do send me your book to review, I can’t guarantee that I will review it, but I will do my best!


Book Blurb

Let’s work on your book blurb! Use the form below to tell me more about your book.

More Details
If we move forward, here are things I’ll need from you: a copy of your finished manuscript, your summary of the book, what you think the reader will find most interesting, and any trigger warnings. If you would like me to add anything about past awards or your writing career, let me know. If you want to quote any early reviews, include those as well. Anything you were thinking about using or doing, let me know.


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