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“For my second book, I decided another set of more professional eyes was needed in addition to my editor – someone who would read the story as a story.  I usually have 2-3 beta readers and receive some basic feedback. Jamie went above and beyond anything I could have asked for in a beta reader – much of it helping even with some of my story editing process!  And her experience in Scotland (the setting in my books!) was an invaluable perk.

I liked several elements that Jamie employed in reading and feedback.  First, she breaks her feedback down: characters, plot, setting, the romance focus (of my book at least) and highlighted what worked very well, what was good, and where she thought some improvement was needed.  The document she provided was well laid out, easy to read, and then she included my returned digital copy with some of the relevant areas highlighted so I didn’t miss anything. That document she provided for her commentary was pure GOLD.

Overall, I would definitely use Jamie again. I have another book coming out later this year, and I will be reaching out to her to help me with that text as well.

Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Author, The Lady of the Glen

I had been struggling to move forward with my manuscript and doubting my ability to write a good story. So, decided to reach out and find some beta readers and proofreaders.  I’d contacted multiple people, and each one fell short of my expectations. Then came Jamie who agreed to beta read and proofread my first three chapters. I didn’t have to wait long before I received a very detailed and thorough beta read and proofreading analysis. Each suggestion that was made helped me to get a different point of view of my story, and when I implemented the suggestions, I found my manuscript felt more complete and fuller.

Jamie’s analysis was extremely insightful and managed to cover every aspect of my story even revealing storylines I hadn’t even thought of and character suggestions which made more characters more dynamic, Jamie was able to point out the weaknesses as well the strengths in my manuscript. With the encouragement I received from the analysis I was able to gain back the confidence in my story that I had lost over the two years of writing.  

I like working with people who have strong work ethics, and they don’t get stronger than Jamie’s responsiveness, thoroughness, patience, skill, and professionalism. I can’t imagine writing anything  without Jamie proofreading it first. I wholeheartedly recommend Jamie’s services.

Author, Dark Dawning

“Jamie did a great job proofreading my lighthearted contemporary romantic fiction. She meticulously combed my manuscript for typos and grammatical mistakes and returned it well before the promised deadline. Thanks to her diligence and expertise, my book is a lot cleaner than it was before. Thank you, Jamie!”

Ramla Zareen

Author, The One for Me

“I received my manuscript back from Jamie and she did this excellent job on it, finding all my idiosyncrasies and errors. Her corrections were concise and to the point with suggestions for those areas where I needed to look at what I had written. I plan on using her again for my next book because she did such a good job in a reasonable amount of time.”

B. A. Mealer

Author, The Jillian Factor

“I asked Jamie Brydone-Jack to proofread my manuscript because an earlier version was edited, and I later put it through two software editing programs. Not good enough. She told me it needed a thorough review, and I gave her the go-ahead to edit. Well within the allotted time, Jamie returned a MS riddled with corrections, ideas and explanations for many of her edits. She tread lightly but strongly on my writing, always aware of my intent and my voice. My twenty odd books over thirty years have been edited by very good professionals. Jamie is among the best. I will hire her for my next book.”

Robert Brown

Author, Lean Thinking 4.0

“I’ve worked with several editors, and Jamie’s ability to see text from different angles, as opposed to trying to shoehorn words into a specific flow, is a treasure. Most importantly, to me at least, Jamie framed the corrections in questionable areas as suggestions, being sure to point out why it was an error so that I could make the final decision as to what the alteration should be. This allowed me to keep my ‘voice’ in the work while still making it a professional finished project. Her editing not only helped improve my work, but helped me to be a better writer. 

She was quick, professional, and seemed genuinely interested in the project, which was greatly appreciated. I will definitely work with her again!

Alex Tramari

Author, Dragoncast

“Jamie proofed my story for me, and without changing the voice I write in, made it flow better and easier to read by finding every confused comma, dangling modifier, and awkward phrase. She also suggested more suitable words where they were needed and pointed out redundancies.

She kept me up to date on her progress and all contact was friendly and professional. 

I can definitely recommend her services.”

Ysobel Black

Author, Banjaxed in Bachviet

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