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Thanks for asking me to beta read your book! Based on my analysis, here are some books and links that I thought might be helpful to you. The book pictures–if you press on them–will take you to the 10% preview at Amazon. Check out the book, and see what you think! If you have Kindle Unlimited, a couple of these books are free with that subscription. If  you don’t have a KU subscription, do the 30-day free trial, and read some of these books!

  • Here’s a link to the software I told you about.
  • Screenwriting Tricks for Authors ripped the roof off of story structure for me and help me improve my story structure immensely by talking about the 3-act story structure and the scenes that should go in them.
  • Solid Story Compass teaches you how to do your own developmental editing–how to dig deep and figure out what’s working in your story and what’s not. Cool stuff that really helps any writer.
  • Deep Point of View helps for any story that strives for deep PoV like yours does.
  • I adore the Blue Book of Grammar! It is my go-to book for general questions. You can read a lot of it at their website. I suggest working through the book at the website slowly, do the quizzes, and start incorporating what you learn into your writing.
  • Emotional Beats helps you to write emotion more strongly so it impacts the reader with a real wallop.
  • Two Spies Reach Out from the Grave has one of the best opening chapters I’ve seen in a book. It’s deep PoV where the author makes you feel like you are in the narrator’s skin … and we don’t really know if he is a good guy or bad guy. You can read all the awesome stuff in that first 10% preview … though the rest of the book is amazing, too!


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